Commercial & Residential Bird Control

Many bird species are friendly, and they do not cause problems on residential and commercial properties. However, some undomesticated birds are a nuisance to human beings. A good example is bird species that can cause harm to pets. It can be very disappointing to see an eagle carry away your parrot pet. Additionally, those birds that cause distractions, diseases and pollute the environment must be removed from our homes.


Sad to say that you cannot deal with birds on your own because it requires the appropriate measure to get rid of them. The good thing is that many companies deal with stray animals. Such companies have trained personnel who can deal with the problem. It is worth noting too that the governing laws also protect these animals. Therefore, it requires an experienced team to find a solution cautiously. This is the reason why they use these commercial and residential bird control solutions to help their clients. Below are some of the ways to deal with undomesticated birds.

Use of Bird Repellents

The use of optical gel and other bird repellent is among the most embrace means of controlling birds from invading properties. This repellent makes the bird uncomfortable thus; it cannot build a nest near the premises. When it is correctly applied, no bird can withstand that foul odor that comes from the repellent.


The repellent should be applied on the top of the roof since that is the first landing point for most birds. However, extra care should be taken when applying repellent to avoid water contamination.

Using Shock Tracks

The use of shock tracks is one of the most effective control methods. It is, however, often regarded as a cruel way of dealing with these animals. Shock tracks produce mild electric shocks which make the bird uncomfortable once it lands.

Use of Nettings

You can keep birds away by netting them in rafters if your property is open. This helps to keep these birds out of reach to the property. Every part should be appropriately sealed to prevent the birds entirely out of the property.

Use of Spikes

The use of bird spikes helps to discourage nesting. The spikes are also used to deter birds from landing on the property because they will get hurt or uncomfortable. When these birds get hurt in two or more instances, they will start avoiding this structures. This will discourage nesting completely.

Use of Traps

Bird trapping is a common bird removal technique that has been applied for many generations. Today, you can still set traps to catch them. Other organizations, however, discourage it because they care for animals. Others recommend that after trapping them, they should not be killed instead they should be surrendered to the authorities.