Facts To Know About POW Flags

The POW flag, also known as MIA flag refers to an American flag that was designed to symbolize citizen concern about the military personnel of the United States who were taken as missing in action (MIA) or prisoners of war (POW). The National League of Families created pow flags, which were then recognized officially by the Congress and Vietnam War POW/MIA issue as the nation’s symbol of commitment and concern to resolving the fates of the missing in action or prisoners of war. A few facts related to the flag are described below.

Interesting facts about POW flags

The POW flag is flown each year on specific days

The 105th Congress passed the Defense Authorization Act in 1998 to US flagfly the POW flag each year on Armed Forces day, Flag Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Veterans Day, and National POW/MIA Recognition Day. On these specific days, the POW Flag are to be flown on major military installations, federal national cemeteries, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the Korean War Veterans Memorial, Post Offices, the White House, and official offices.

There are other color patterns for the POW flag

Outpost Flags ran the orange and black pattern at a similar time as the Harley Davidson’s 100th anniversary. This was in a bid to make bikers help in keeping the issue alive and active in American politics. White and red versions also exist and are said to cover military actions that are more recent. This is, however, not an official policy. Black and red versions are also available.

The POW flag cannot fly higher that the American flag

US flagIn no circumstance should the POW flag fly above the United States flag, when displayed on the same pole. It should also not be larger in size compared to the American flag. If displayed on different poles, the POW flag should always be on the left side of the American flag. When many flags are to be flown, the POW is usually flown immediately adjacent or below the US flag, taking the second position in the order of preference.

The POW flag is one of the only two flags to have flown over the White House

There are only two flags that have flown over the White House, The American flag, and the league’s POW-MIA flag. The flag was first hoisted over the white house on 9th of March, 1989 at an installation ceremony hosted by the leadership of both houses of Congress.