How To Reduce Cellular Data

Paying for data has remained to be one of the biggest problems of using a cell phone today. It is really difficult to track on data usage on our cell phones, and excessive usage of cellular data can lead to overage charges that come quickly without the user noticing. But fortunately, there are a few adjustments that can be made to reduce the rate of data usage in cell phones significantly.

Top ways that will ensure your data usage reduces significantly

Use WiFi if availableicon for network connection

A majority of most mobile phones or tablets have the ability to access WiFi. Once a cell phone is connected to a WiFi network, cellular data will not be used. You can set up your mobile phone or tablet to access the WiFi in given places and afterward it will keep on detecting the WiFi network whenever you go to the place for example in coffee shops or schools.

Use of data monitor

The use of a data monitor helps keep track of data usage on the mobile devices. Data usage will show you which applications use more data and the overall usage of data by the device. There are also some applications on Play Store and Apple Store like data master and Onavo that help track the usage of data in the mobile devices. Once you have identified the apps that use a lot of data, they can be managed by using them less often.

Use 3G for less consumption

icon for network connectionMany devices that are currently in production support 4G data usage. Although 4G comes with exceptional internet speeds, it can be a major disadvantage as it uses data very quickly compared to 3G. Data usage can be reduced by downgrading to 3G. Use of 3G may not necessarily mean usage of fewer data on the devices, but rather it’s a mental trick that ensures that a user doesn’t get access to High Definition streaming and download of large files, which ensures use of fewer data.

Disable background Applications.

Sophisticated phones and applications that use a lot of data make most of us use a lot of data in very short periods of time. Some of these phones allow for applications to run in the background and use data when cellular data is turned on. Such applications may also have updates that further increase the rate of data that is being used by the cellular device. By ensuring that no applications are running in the background, the rate of data use can be significantly reduced.