How Often Does My Cat Need to See the Vet

How often does my cat need to see the Vet? This is a critical question amongst new pet owners and even those that have owned pets for quite some time. Just like human beings, our animals need medical attention from time to time. Cats are among the most loved animals in the world. And caring for your cat does not only mean giving it a balanced diet. Proper caring as well requires you to be there for your cat during psychological fluctuations and health complications. Generally, animals have a strong survival instinct which makes them unique, creatures. When they are either in pain or stressed, they do not know how to show. You can live with your pet happily then one day it suddenly succumbs. It is, therefore, advisable for every pet owner to study their pet’s behavior properly. If you are not sensitive enough to know when your cat requires medical attention, read the following text on the instances when your cat should see a veterinarian.

Dental Care

You should see a vet for the cat’s dental care. Tooth and gum diseases are prevalent in cats. Many pet masters do not apprehend that cats also require dental care. When you see your cat struggling with chewing food make sure you take it to a vet. A pure mouth can lead to a more systemic health condition. Your cat requires a home veterinary dental care at various life stages.


kittenThe number of times your cat should see a vet vary based on the age. And as they approach seven months, make sure you return for the checkup and advice. When your cat reaches one year old, it becomes an adult. Adult checkups should be done after every six months. Even if it looks healthy to make sure you take to a professional for regular checkups. Cats can hide their sorrows and pain, so make sure a veterinarian checks them up. An old cat is one that has reached seven years of age. This group needs more care and concern because older cats’ cells have stopped multiplying. A senior cat should see the doctor after every three months. Older kitties are prone to obesity, diabetes, kidney and liver problems.

Parasite Control

Animals are easily infested by parasite especially if their litter box is not clean. The parasite is an excellent reason for taking your cat to a veterinary clinic. A vet will try to see the type of parasite it is infested with and the potential risks. Then they will administer medications and also encourage you on how to prevent.

Cat Vaccinations

Another critical time to take you kitties to a vet is when they are getting vaccinations. As aforementioned, animals require injections just like human beings. Vaccinations are necessary because they help to prevent diseases. Treatments are administered based on the cat’s age. They can be vaccinated against distemper, rabies and upper respiratory infections. Ask your Vet at the right time for your cat to get a leukemia vaccine.